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Last updated Sunday February 17, 2019

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MEGA Pump CryptoCurrency Investment Group

Cryptocurrency pump group 1421 55710 official channels


Welcome to the official Refereum Supergroup! 2390 38817


Developers of the largest and most popular decentralized applications on the ethereum network. 903 22140

CryptoGnome's Lair

Cryptocurrency Trading & Bots 1398 13061 other

Pure Investments

The most active cryptocurrency trading channel for enthusiasts, traders, and developers! Grow your portfolio with thousands of members and get expert advice. Free trading signals! 598 12524 community channels other ico news ethereum bots education signals / indicator mining official channels


Join the official r/CryptoCurrency Discord! Trading / Mining / Fundimentals / Charting Tools 2488 11830 community channels currency channels news bots education mining official channels


Everything you need to know about ONG 493 10937

Helios Protocol

An infinitely scalable cryptocurrency and smart contract platform based on DAG + blockchains. 161 10726 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico ethereum


The leading Cryptocurrency Discord server dedicated to connecting analysts, miners, developers, and teachers in the Cryptocurrency community. 961 10333

Bitpam CryptoCurrency & Bitcoin

The Bitpam CryptoCurrency & Bitcoin Discord Server is a place to talk about CryptoCurrency with others investors! The Bitpam Discord for you can be a Bitcoin Discord, Ripple Discord, Ethereum Discord, CryptoCurrency discord, whatever you choose! 978 9798 signals / indicator

Cryptopolis - BitMEX Traders

Live cryptocurrency trading discussion with focus on bitcoin, ethereum, large-cap cryptos, and the latest movers and shakers. We mainly trade on BitMEX and OKex. 1235 9698

Vertcoin - Official

"Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the fundamentals of decentralisation. Check out our discord and website for more info. https://vertcoin.org/" 1186 8816

Wanchain Community

REBUILDING FINANCE With Private Cross-Chain Smart Contracts! 520 8607

OK Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency and Gaming

The Best Discord server and community for OK Bitcoin DOGE and more cryptocurrencies and games, new blockchain tech, security and nonsense rooms 480 8445

Crypto Idle Miner

Crypto Idle Miner is innovative and exciting simulation video game that will take you on a journey how to become a master of crypto mining! 205 8083

Cryptrade Exchange

Cryptrade is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform built on top of bitshares 2.0 which aims to provide traders with a secure and easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens online instantly. CryptradeCoin(CRCO) is a private and anonymous cryptocurrency which is officially issued by Cryptrade. CRCO uses hybrid PoS+Masternode consensus to secure its blockchain and provides coin holders with full-time private and instant transactions by implementing swiftx and zerocoin protocol. Paying for the listing fees and trading fees in Cryptrade is the main use-case of CRCO coin. 672 7560 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other news education mining official channels


Just wanna share something big Name: Paws Funds(PAWS) Price: 0.00015100 BTC Max Supply: 21,000,000 PAWS https://discord.gg/E5CG7f7 385 7406 airdrops

Crypto Cartel Original

90+ Leaked Premium Channels @ one Place -, More than 10+ bot channels for any kind (listings, volume, medium, CND etc., Educational channels and more! 372 7030 community channels exchanges news bots education tools signals / indicator official channels


Stellite v4 / CryptoNight v7 662 6286


Keep dreaming of creating your own cryptocurrency while lacking technical knowledge and experience? Then let Reactor, an advanced decentralized platform for custom crypto creation, do it for you! Just a few clicks, and you’re there! 529 6164 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other news mining official channels

ONEX Capital

We are a cryptocurrency chat community of 5000+ traders, researchers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. 520 5606

Pump Kings - CryptoFamily

revolutionary crypto pump and profit team where group success is what matters most. They offer post-pump buy back and Currently are **giving away 2.5 PKT to any new user** who joins their server + an additional 1 PKT per user you invite! growing fast and founding members are being rewarded handily 1008 5438


Free online PUBG and Dota 2 tournaments and competitions! + memes welcome 1275 5328


This message is created to guide you through the information of our different Channels 139 4083


FragCash coin is based on the POS and Masternode system that will be used as a method of payment for a new e-sport gaming platform. FragZone is a future platform being designed for competitive gaming, a marketplace for games, online broadcasting (streams) and a platform for trading in-game items. Full details of the the fundamental project concept and the list of team members are actually available on our official website https://frag.cash/ 472 3995 community channels currency channels exchanges other news mining official channels

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