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Last updated Wednesday July 17, 2019

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La Sardine <°)))><

French community of trader crypto currency, forex, stock. 7 93 community channels

Trade Like a Boss

Not a paid group, pump and dump group not selling courses and most important not financial advice. 8 91

Easy Investing

A crypto currency trading group were people can learn together and follow technical analysis from our experienced staff. 7 88


AI Generated Cryptocurrency signals and automated trading. 10 87 community channels currency channels exchanges other news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator official channels

The Crypto Moon

"The Crypto Moon is a team of experienced traders and analysts; some work as technical analysts, others just have impressive trade histories, portfolios and calls. We have seen how volatile and difficult the market can be at times, and are here to offer advice, discussion and healthy pumps." 3 87

Hubble community - Pikcio

Calling all devs! Pickiochain have increased their bounty to 90k pkc! Register for the hackathon here: 2 86


Official temtum Discord Community. Ultra lightweight, super fast, quantum secure decentralised network, 10 86 community channels official channels

Best Crypto Coins

We review best cryptocurrencies over internet 11 85 currency channels

CyptoCurrency Pumping & Investing Group

CyptoCurrency Pumping & Investing Group 14 85 currency channels exchanges news ethereum education signals / indicator official channels


Stormium is a Cryptocurrency predictions/signal Discord group with one of the most accurate predictions and signals out there. Free signals are given out once or twice every week!Stormium is a Cryptocurrency predictions/signal Discord group with one of the most accurate predictions and signals out t 15 77

Dragon Pump - Crypto Pump and Dump

"We aim to be one of the biggest Crypto Pump and Dump Server worldwide. Our Idea: Fair Pump and Dump for our Member." 2 77

Trade Ogre Signals

highly successful crypto trade signals for the exchange Trade Ogre. 6 68 community channels currency channels exchanges signals / indicator


A Crypto ICO pool - we collect funds to participate in ICO pre-sales with discounts. 3 68

2Bitscoin Cannaroocali.com

2Bitscoin Community 42 67 community channels currency channels other news


The RaidParty server, talk games and crypto. Also learn more about RaidParty and how you as a gamer can earn real world rewards! 9 65


We present you our multi mining pool that is based on yiimp and designed for ASIC miners. 10 64


StonedCoin is a social coin that is used for Airdrops and bonusrewards or help friends in need. 7 63 airdrops community channels currency channels ico bots games official channels


Earn with masternodes - masternode hosting service discussion and support group 7 61 community channels other tools official channels

Altcoin Ventures

Premium altcoin trading group ran by a few professional crypto traders working under a fund. Admins have in-depth knowledge of the crypto space, very friendly, highly responsive, consistently profitable, and more. 16 61 education signals / indicator


Welcome to the official Branch Discord! We are a community for the collaboration of cryptocurrency projects in order to further the space and progress into a future where we collectively move into a more decentralised and open future. New users are given a 2 minute slowdown in which they can't interact with other users. Please use this time to read our rules and to learn more about our server. 14 60 community channels currency channels other ethereum tools official channels


Mine altcoins with your browser! 8 59 airdrops currency channels exchanges mining

Famous Crypto Hubbles

Small, yet very active crypto group. Only experienced crypto enthousiasts are being verified to view content. Active contribution is mandatory. 18 59 community channels news education signals / indicator


CryptoTrading group 4 55 community channels


Welcome to all early adaptors from the Digitex Trading House. A new era in Exchange experience commenced and we are honored that you're here to build together the one and only dedicated Digitex Trading House. Share your thoughts and charts to build a vibrant community with a successful trading lifestyle. Please act in here with respect and dignity and be helpfull towards your fellow Digitexicans in our Trading House. We will do our atmost best to provide good content and strong support. Therefore we are still on the look out to get in contact with strong personalities who have good trading and mod skills. Furthermore we are busy with a marketing buzzzzzzz and rewards for our first adaptors. Welcome and spread the word. 3 55 community channels exchanges education signals / indicator


A discord where u can do group calls and hand with friends and meet new Friends also listen to music 14 52 community channels

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