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Last updated Tuesday September 21, 2021

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Crypto Moon dice

Hi welcome to crypto moon discord :) 10 40 airdrops community channels currency channels ico bots education signals / indicator


Gaming community 11 40 games


i just made this server and is still being worked on. :) 4 39 currency channels other news bots games


The dystem cryptocurrency main community channel 4 37


An open source, domain storage backup system 3 36 airdrops community channels currency channels ico official channels


A server, which is slipping into the socks at the moment, about all hot games&news&fun&cryptocurrencies! Join us to get that truck rolling! 4 35

Digitex Trading House

Welcome to all early adaptors from the Digitex Trading House. A new era in Exchange experience commenced and we are honored that you're here to build together the one and only dedicated Digitex Trading House. Share your thoughts and charts to build a vibrant community with a successful trading lifestyle. Please act in here with respect and dignity and be helpfull towards your fellow Digitexicans in our Trading House. We will do our atmost best to provide good content and strong support. Therefore we are still on the look out to get in contact with strong personalities who have good trading and mod skills. Furthermore we are busy with a marketing buzzzzzzz and rewards for our first adaptors. Welcome and spread the word. 5 35 community channels exchanges education signals / indicator

Moto's Discord

Moto's discord is for programmers, gamers, computer enthusiasts and cyrpto currency enthusiasts 14 35

The Syndicate

SyndicateCrypto's Cryptocurrency Crew 7 34 airdrops community channels ico news ethereum education signals / indicator

Crypto Chat Australia

Crypto Chat is a community for Australian Crypto enthusiasts. Our aim is to foster quality discussions and networking opportunities within Australia. 1 34 community channels currency channels news ethereum education official channels

Interstallerpump 1

Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Group. Anti bot software, 2x Weekly FFA buy ins (no time advantage) Daily raffle winners (7 second buy in adv.) weekly raffle winners (7 sec buy in adv + .1 eth) Monthly raffle winner (7 sec. buy in adv on 3 pumps +.15 eth) WILL NOT PUMP UNTIL 1k members 4 33

Altcoin Ventures

Premium altcoin trading group ran by a few professional crypto traders working under a fund. Admins have in-depth knowledge of the crypto space, very friendly, highly responsive, consistently profitable, and more. 16 32 education signals / indicator


TrustUnion is constructing a system to replicate real-life trust in the digital world based on all the reliable qualities of blockchain. 4 30 community channels ico

The Crypto Marketplace

This is a crypto mining marketplace for everyone to buy and sell hardware with trusted escrow users from bitcointalk other popular communities. 3 30 currency channels exchanges other mining official channels

The Bitcoin Banker

Bank that’s pays people to join our server and invite other to earn money. 100% scam free 6 29

HypeSquad The Bot

A bot support server that giveaway alot of stuffs. Join our giveaway today! 3 28


CryptoBridge bridges the gap between different servers with their own bots! CryptoBridge is made to bring user-suggested (and staff picked) bots available onto a singular server. DISCLAIMER: We are in no way related to Crypto-Bridge wallet/exchange. 11 28 currency channels other bots tools

Trading Radar

This group is free giving great TA from professionals. Come in and share your Technical Analysis. 100% Free! There are also custom trading indicators that the software developers have made which you can use all for free. 10 27 community channels currency channels exchanges other news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator official channels

Discord Cryptocurrency Community

Brand new Cryptocurrency Discord Community! 5 26

Goalz Crypto

GoalzMedia.com official server. Join the new #1 forum for entrepreneurs, social media, cryptocurrencies, gaming, and more! https://www.goalzmedia.com 1 25

crazygamer16 facebook

this is a friendly discord server for nice people 10 24


Un discord de trading francais fr pour faire de l'argent tous ensemble ! 5 24 airdrops

Crypto Nation

Hai everyone! Come & join Crypto Nation for latest crypto updates, giveaways and airdrops. 20 23 airdrops community channels news


Use bots for earn BitCoins - 3 bots are in this server ! 5 22

E-Commerce Coin


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