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Last updated Friday November 22, 2019

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Ninja Bots

Community of Traders with Cryptocurrency Bots to Facilitate Trading - Coin Listings Bot and Insiders, Signals, Pump Detection 216 2164

Bitcoin Gamble Talk

Bitcoin Gamble Talk in short BGT is a gambling discord server with a focus on crypto gambling games. We are a server with a mixture of players from all corners of the bitcoin gambling scene. You can talk about crypto, methods on making $$$ and sharing scripts and more. Our focus is crypto/gambling. 148 2121


Cronos was made for improving the “ecosystem of masternodes” and to make it both, more user-friendly and safer to use. 89 2110 airdrops community channels currency channels ico official channels

CoinsChronicle.com useful crypto info

The most complete and complex cryptocurrency chat server! Talk about coins, exchanges, bitcoin, scams, news, ICO and other crypto related domains. We even have different languages channels. Join us for forever free informations. 72 2048

GIVES Foundation

~GIVES “The Coin That Never Stops Giving” 111 1937 airdrops community channels currency channels ico signals / indicator official channels

Crypto Coins

A group where you can get free coins from rains, soak, airdrops and bounties. You can also play games, talk about the latest news and prices. 252 1885 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ethereum bots


Before you join how about you look at our own personal website - https://realcryptotalk.com/ 179 1867


Official Discord Server For Zero Currency [ZER] 241 1820 community channels mining official channels


Discord for cryptocurrency that rewards scientific computation 278 1818 community channels


$SNTVT : The Universal Web :: 187 1798 community channels currency channels news official channels

Crypto Fight Club

CryptoFightClub the coin that represents the fighter in all of us! "We are fighters and We fight until we die!" 416 1790 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges bots official channels


decentrilized currency, mining, airdrops 122 1771 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges news bots mining official channels

Halo Platform

Halo Platform is an all-in-one platform with wallet, block explorer, games, DAPPS, masternode management, portfolio management, debit card, and a decentralized exchange. 149 1770 community channels currency channels exchanges ico games tools official channels

ReeCore (REEX)

ReeCore⭐️ 💫The People's coin💫 245 1733

Project Helix

Helix - a cutting edge, anonymized, state-of-the-art cryptocurrency. We make use of PoS and masternode technology, with unique features such as a decentralized e-commerce platform. 154 1729 airdrops community channels currency channels official channels

Eastern Empire

To members of the community : - We help you introduce new cryptocurrencies - We help you how to earn - We give you support for problems such as bots and etc. - We are giving you funs by creating giveaways, airdrops, trivia and bounties. 300 1720 airdrops community channels bots official channels


Dear community, please find our Weekly Report here: https://medium.com/metaverse-blockchain/metaverse-weekly-report-8-20-8-26-53cb22d3ce0c 84 1705


Get New Launched Coins Updates, Masternode Pre-sale News, Airdrops, Bounties, Giveaways & Daily Rains of Several Coins etc. http://discord.gg/8DHWspZ 450 1690 airdrops community channels currency channels bots games official channels

Coin Zone

Coin Zone offers the best airdrops, free coins, and giveaways on Discord today! 320 1654 airdrops community channels bots games


Learn to trade the stock market and cryptocurrencies CONSISTENTLY for PROFIT! We provide mentorship and show you how to profit daily! 184 1606


Universal Cryptocurrency server, one of the first of it's kind, with over 1000 members. Discuss about bitcoin, ethereum, all the other altcoins, trading and mining. 114 1568


The official TokenCard community Discord 94 1514 news ethereum official channels

SRW (Vitae) Team Building

SRW is like FACEBOOK but the difference is in SRW liking and sharing are get paid.. Ex. when you post and someone share it you will get paid of .01$ per shared post... And in LIKE you will earn .02$ per like when you like an advertiser post .. You can also buy and sell likes in the LIKE market.. You also earn in GARDEN MATRIX.. Every FREE members will have their first 5x5 Garden matrix, if all fully filled you will earn 346$ in a filled GARDEN MATRIX... But how this will be easily filled? TEAM will help all your Garden filled fast but you also help yourself in filling your garden, you need to work it out... TEAM from SPONSOR, SIDELINES, CROSSLINES, UPLINES AND DOWNLINES help GARDEN MATRIX fill faster.. This is why we always telling you all, that being in a small TEAM wont help you in SRW.. We will make all free member UPGRADE FAST.. UPGRADED members have more ways to earn so we want ALL our FREE member UPGRADE and earn more... We will HELP long term here... This server will still be open to all our members who will sign up in SRW and to all newcomers.. WE HAVE A STRONG TEAM AND WE CONTINUE TO BE... 167 1488 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other bots education mining official channels

Super Zero (SERO) Protocol

World's first blockchain protocol to use Zero-Knowledge Proofs for privacy protection and supports Turing smart contracts. 130 1460

Discord Forum

Discord forum is a place to share knowledge about crypto. share tips, articles, trade and anything that is useful for all of us. 153 1455 airdrops community channels currency channels other bots games

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