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Last updated Friday August 07, 2020

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A growing group lead by professional traders who wish to share their knowledge with others. Daily updates about the market, news, signals, everything you could hope for! Feel free to join we'll love to welcome you with us. 5 57 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ethereum bots education signals / indicator mining official channels

TOPA Chain

TOPA is the chain that brings all toilet coins together and allows for trading between them. We are cleaning up the blockchain industry, one-ply square at a time. After launch, TOPA will have an integrated Discord Coin Exchange that allows you to trade coins between platforms and even between Discord servers. There will be airdrops and rain in the Discord server that will not only provide free coins to the community but also will disintegrate (burn) TOPA on each rain. This will lower the supply of TOPA and make each square more valuable. 18 54 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges bots games tools official channels


Welcome to all early adaptors from the Digitex Trading House. A new era in Exchange experience commenced and we are honored that you're here to build together the one and only dedicated Digitex Trading House. Share your thoughts and charts to build a vibrant community with a successful trading lifestyle. Please act in here with respect and dignity and be helpfull towards your fellow Digitexicans in our Trading House. We will do our atmost best to provide good content and strong support. Therefore we are still on the look out to get in contact with strong personalities who have good trading and mod skills. Furthermore we are busy with a marketing buzzzzzzz and rewards for our first adaptors. Welcome and spread the word. 3 48 community channels exchanges education signals / indicator

The Crypto Marketplace

This is a crypto mining marketplace for everyone to buy and sell hardware with trusted escrow users from bitcointalk other popular communities. 4 32 currency channels exchanges other mining official channels

Trading Radar

This group is free giving great TA from professionals. Come in and share your Technical Analysis. 100% Free! There are also custom trading indicators that the software developers have made which you can use all for free. 12 28 community channels currency channels exchanges other news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator official channels


weiDex is a fully decentralized exchange - peer-to-peer transactions, no middle-man, no listing fees, user-friendly interface. 4 19 exchanges

BitTrail - unofficial group

The website promises good profits without any effort. The good thing: You have your entire portfolio at any time in your possession on Binance. 0 10 community channels exchanges other tools


Shitcoin exchange is fully decentralized - you can list your coin at anytime without any permission, you can generate one or you can trade peer-to-peer 2 6 community channels exchanges ethereum


Welcome to CryptoTradingVoice, this is a community for traders to gather and talk about crypto trading. It is meant to be a discord voice discussion. 2 3 community channels currency channels exchanges other ethereum tools signals / indicator

Bitcoin News Today

Daily Crypto Currency News. Bitcoin Analysis explained. Share trading ideas, Blockchain Technology and more! 0 1 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots

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