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Last updated Tuesday September 17, 2019

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ODIN Blockchain

ODIN Blockchain is a non-profit community coin helping people to regain control of their own privacy and data security. ODIN provides a growing range of free products and services alongside an increasingly decentralized infrastructure and governance model. 136 1343 airdrops community channels currency channels other bots education games tools official channels


All about BTC, with a bot (news, lightning, other stuff). 65 1337 community channels news bots


ZEROCOIN - MASTERNODES - SWIFTX - Instant Transactions - Decentralized Token - 100% Anonymous - Community Driven 63 1309 airdrops community channels currency channels ico official channels

Trading Associates

Signals and Educational group about trading. Crypto & Forex. 411 1289 bots education tools signals / indicator


MECC ~ will be brand coin for our exchange just as BNB is to Binance exchange. 129 1260 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico bots games official channels


MonetaryUnit is built on top of the original Bitcoin blockchain, with additional POS (Proof Of Stake) & MasterNodes. Inflation is just 3% per year. 110 1219 airdrops community channels currency channels ico bots official channels

ONZ Coin

"ONZ - Rewarding Social Content The principle idea of ONZ is to integrate social media platform with DPOS blockchain technology to transform appreciation on social media platforms into ONZ cryptocurrency network as a transferable token." 15 1136


the title says it all... 133 1135 airdrops community channels currency channels bots games

Commingle Crypto

The main aspect of commingle crypto is to be a helpful and trusted hand to turn to during the tough times and big dips of cryptocurrencies. We are all involved in the crypto world and understand sometimes all it is required is an experienced and knowledgeable tutor to get your head back in the game. 75 1092


Zano Official discord 254 1084 official channels


Way 2 Crypto is the community for Airdrops, Giveaways, Crypto news and more. 163 1083 airdrops community channels currency channels other bots games


NULS is a highly customizable blockchain infrastructure, most modules of which are pluggable. 99 1061


"cryptopedians is giving out daily airdrops!! Up to 0.5 BTC (5000 USD) to be given away everyday... JOIN FOR MORE DETAILS." 21 1054

Project Genesis

Project Genesis 123 1037 community channels


The Peepcoin Revival via PeepMasternode project is really happening. 75 1029 airdrops community channels currency channels ico ethereum bots games official channels


Official CyprusCoin discord 117 1027 community channels currency channels exchanges bots education mining official channels


The goal of the project is quite simple: deploy a fun coin that will ever infest your life. 234 1019 airdrops community channels currency channels ico bots games official channels

Vitality (VITA)

Vitality (VITA) is a decentralized token that places community governance on the IoTeX blockchain. VITA is distributed to active IoTeX community and will power future IoTeX DApps (e.g., e-commerce, ads/deals, forum). Stay active, earn VITA, and use it across the IoTeX Network - it’s that simple! 47 976 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other news education tools official channels

block array

Pre Announcement of Joint Venture Partnership 81 960

Big Crypto Pump- BCP

Are you looking for something new? We are a PUMP & HODL cryptocurrency group. We do NOT DUMP on our users. If you want to take a look about our strategy, join us! We also give you Free Signals and Premium Signals, based on our ranking system! We do also coin giveaways to early contributors! 18 925


The dystem cryptocurrency main community channel 88 920

Crypto Gamers

Features daily content from the blockchain games technology 101 917

BitcoinMee | Crypto Airdrops & Bounty

This Channel is for Daily News, Crypto Airdrop & Bounty Never miss a free coin airdrop again. Free Eth, Btc, Waves & Erc20 Token. 123 880


MyBit is the world's most advanced IoT investment Ecosystem. Powered by Ethereum. 49 871


Official Discord for the much wow Dogecoin clicker game "Dogeminer" 112 837 community channels games official channels

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