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Last updated Monday April 06, 2020

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Universal Cryptocurrency server, one of the first of it's kind, with over 1000 members. Discuss about bitcoin, ethereum, all the other altcoins, trading and mining. 141 1591

TA - Moved! https://discord.gg/eg3Q5bE

Signals and Educational group about trading. Crypto & Forex. 344 1488 bots education tools signals / indicator

Pump Central

All-in-one Crypto Server, with Binance & Bittrex Pumps, Premium Trade Signals and eLearning Material. Everything in one place. 191 1484 news bots education signals / indicator

SRW (Vitae) Team Building

SRW is like FACEBOOK but the difference is in SRW liking and sharing are get paid.. Ex. when you post and someone share it you will get paid of .01$ per shared post... And in LIKE you will earn .02$ per like when you like an advertiser post .. You can also buy and sell likes in the LIKE market.. You also earn in GARDEN MATRIX.. Every FREE members will have their first 5x5 Garden matrix, if all fully filled you will earn 346$ in a filled GARDEN MATRIX... But how this will be easily filled? TEAM will help all your Garden filled fast but you also help yourself in filling your garden, you need to work it out... TEAM from SPONSOR, SIDELINES, CROSSLINES, UPLINES AND DOWNLINES help GARDEN MATRIX fill faster.. This is why we always telling you all, that being in a small TEAM wont help you in SRW.. We will make all free member UPGRADE FAST.. UPGRADED members have more ways to earn so we want ALL our FREE member UPGRADE and earn more... We will HELP long term here... This server will still be open to all our members who will sign up in SRW and to all newcomers.. WE HAVE A STRONG TEAM AND WE CONTINUE TO BE... 170 1471 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other bots education mining official channels


DeroGold official discord 220 1468 airdrops community channels currency channels bots education mining official channels

Discord Forum

Discord forum is a place to share knowledge about crypto. share tips, articles, trade and anything that is useful for all of us. 164 1457 airdrops community channels currency channels other bots games


free airdrops, bounties and giveaways for every coin 56 1417 airdrops community channels currency channels bots games

Crypto MK Scorpion

Free Crypto - Airdrops, Giveaways & More 215 1415 airdrops community channels other bots games official channels


Crypto Insights for Smarter Investing 125 1394


ZEROCOIN - MASTERNODES - SWIFTX - Instant Transactions - Decentralized Token - 100% Anonymous - Community Driven 62 1352 airdrops community channels currency channels ico official channels

The bCC

BitConnectCoin the immutable decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain at the forefront of political cryptocurrency barriers all over the world. An autonomous blockchain, providing stability, scalability & reliability for the whole bitconnect development community. https://www.thebitconnectcoincommunity.com/ 84 1317 community channels currency channels news bots education tools official channels


Just wanna share something big Name: Paws Funds(PAWS) Price: 0.00015100 BTC Max Supply: 21,000,000 PAWS https://discord.gg/E5CG7f7 284 1315 airdrops


Zano Official discord 240 1302 official channels


MECC ~ will be brand coin for our exchange just as BNB is to Binance exchange. 129 1260 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico bots games official channels


NULS is a highly customizable blockchain infrastructure, most modules of which are pluggable. 72 1165


All about BTC, with a bot (news, lightning, other stuff). 74 1152 community channels news bots

ONZ Coin

"ONZ - Rewarding Social Content The principle idea of ONZ is to integrate social media platform with DPOS blockchain technology to transform appreciation on social media platforms into ONZ cryptocurrency network as a transferable token." 13 1142

Business Center

We are the Performante Team! We have build a community of like-minded individuals sharing a strong interest in Cryptocurrency trading and investing. 69 1092 other


Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency Trading with Lifestream TA 165 1092 currency channels exchanges ethereum education tools signals / indicator mining


Way 2 Crypto is the community for Airdrops, Giveaways, Crypto news and more. 125 1077 airdrops community channels currency channels other bots games

Commingle Crypto

The main aspect of commingle crypto is to be a helpful and trusted hand to turn to during the tough times and big dips of cryptocurrencies. We are all involved in the crypto world and understand sometimes all it is required is an experienced and knowledgeable tutor to get your head back in the game. 71 1063


"cryptopedians is giving out daily airdrops!! Up to 0.5 BTC (5000 USD) to be given away everyday... JOIN FOR MORE DETAILS." 30 1055


The Peepcoin Revival via PeepMasternode project is really happening. 53 1022 airdrops community channels currency channels ico ethereum bots games official channels


The goal of the project is quite simple: deploy a fun coin that will ever infest your life. 234 1019 airdrops community channels currency channels ico bots games official channels


#MetaHash fastest blockchain 82 976 official channels

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