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Last updated Wednesday October 16, 2019

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The dystem cryptocurrency main community channel 72 918


MonetaryUnit is built on top of the original Bitcoin blockchain, with additional POS (Proof Of Stake) & MasterNodes. Inflation is just 3% per year. 98 888 airdrops community channels currency channels ico bots official channels

BitcoinMee | Crypto Airdrops & Bounty

This Channel is for Daily News, Crypto Airdrop & Bounty Never miss a free coin airdrop again. Free Eth, Btc, Waves & Erc20 Token. 123 880


MyBit is the world's most advanced IoT investment Ecosystem. Powered by Ethereum. 49 871


Official Discord for the much wow Dogecoin clicker game "Dogeminer" 112 837 community channels games official channels


BETTING PLATFORM BASED ON BLOCKCHAIN AND MASTERNODE TECHNOLOGY 41 805 airdrops community channels currency channels ico official channels


Welcome to the world crypto tribe 124 796 airdrops community channels currency channels ico bots games

The bitconnectCoin Community

BitConnectCoin the immutable decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain at the forefront of political cryptocurrency barriers all over the world. An autonomous blockchain, providing stability, scalability & reliability for the whole bitconnect development community. https://www.thebitconnectcoincommunity.com/ 82 790 community channels currency channels news bots education tools official channels


"Belgium PC Game community, we speak flemish/dutch. We play all kinda games: Fortnite, PUBG, Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, Hell Let Loose, Overwatch, CSGO, R6, Rocket League and so on. We also discuss crypto, movies & series, console and anime." 55 773


https://webchain.network/ is a transparent web-mineable blockchain platform made to support Decentralized Applications (DApps), where websites can serve as a hardware independent alternative to secure ERC20 & ERC223 smart contracts. We are presenting a working, fully functional, smart contracts enabled blockchain platform. On top of that, we feel committed to building tools that help attracting new projects into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Webchain is a platform for projects that base their business model on mining via websites, for those that want to remain ASIC resistant (and support egalitarian coin distribution), or anyone that wants to spread new revolutionary ways of website monetization. Webchain, and projects built upon it, will be the first real alternatives to Google Adsense monopoly and will introduce a completely new way for webmasters to generate revenues. 105 771 ethereum


Most Active Bitcoin/Altcoin Trading Voice Chat Room on Discord//Bar-esque atmosphere//Packed With Hundreds of Traders and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts//Worldwide Memberbase 24/7//Share and Compare TA Charts/Trading Strategies//:money_with_wings:Free Cryptocurrency Daily From Rains and Giveaways!:money_with_wings: 179 766 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels


First cloud CRM based on blockchain, Voucher CRM (Masternode/POS) 58 761 official channels


Bryptos provides its members with an ecosystem to share trading tips & strategies, market insight, and general discussion. 143 743

Block Decentral

Group for all things Crypto And VIrtual Reality 87 739 community channels other news ethereum education games


#MetaHash fastest blockchain 100 738 official channels

FORCE Protocolâ„¢

"Discord Community for the Gaming Token 'TriForce Tokens' " 41 737


Official Discord BLOC.MONEY. The world most advanced crypto currency ever created ready for mass adoption 73 736 community channels currency channels other news mining official channels


BitcoinGenX Live On Stex 25th of Jan! 75 733 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

FYD Coin

FYDcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Self governed community project with staking and masternodes. 115 721 community channels currency channels education official channels


A server centered around serious cryptocurrency discussion, with a focus on Ethereum. 101 716

Fyre Currency

A new digital currency designed for speed, security and anonymity. Travel safe with the knowledge that your money is accessible anytime, anywhere. 187 712 airdrops community channels currency channels ico bots official channels


Free Crypto Airdrops, Buy/Sell Signals, Custom Pro Indicators, and a 24/7 LIVE TRADING STREAM! #Cryptocurrency 90 697


Quality Cryptocurrency Signals From CoinStudio. Our Signals are not scraped from other groups but entirely developed from scratch and are constantly & heavily tested in real-life scenarios. Our not trading on our signals is in development and will be released soon! 65 664 exchanges other bots tools signals / indicator

Rubix Blockchain

The next big Crypto Currency, with the latest advanced features out there... You wouldn't want to miss it. 52 657


Verity is an oracle (data verify) for smart contract protocols such as Ethereum 29 656 other ethereum tools

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