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Last updated Thursday October 21, 2021

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A new revolutionere Coins, Make sure to join with the Coolest activity set up there and get reward by following them, Awsome rain for VIP members! This is not just a coin but a cool community 64 139 community channels official channels

NowCoin Project

Official Discord group of NowCoin. Games, rewards, bounties - watch and join the creation of our ecosystem. 4 136 airdrops official channels


Welcome to the official Branch Discord! We are a community for the collaboration of cryptocurrency projects in order to further the space and progress into a future where we collectively move into a more decentralised and open future. New users are given a 2 minute slowdown in which they can't interact with other users. Please use this time to read our rules and to learn more about our server. 22 132 community channels currency channels other ethereum tools official channels


Cyber Lion provides curated industry news, trade signals - free and premium, and valuable reports on cryptocurrency projects. 28 122 community channels exchanges other news education signals / indicator official channels

Official PotCoin Discord

PotCoin - the Official Cryptocurrency of the Legal Cannabis Industry 19 119 community channels currency channels signals / indicator official channels


Crypto Currency Discord Community. Chat with Pro Traders, Crypto Enthusiasts, Developers, Investors. 40 91 airdrops community channels exchanges ethereum education signals / indicator official channels


AI Generated Cryptocurrency signals and automated trading. 7 77 community channels currency channels exchanges other news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator official channels

bitcoin trading/cracked market

this is a bitcoin buy/sell discord server looking to grow a community here read rules when you join 12 71 community channels currency channels exchanges official channels


StonedCoin is a social coin that is used for Airdrops and bonusrewards or help friends in need. 7 63 airdrops community channels currency channels ico bots games official channels

Crypto Discord

Crypto News, Education, Alerts, Charts, Info, Airdrops, and Videos. Connect with Pro Traders, Crypto Enthusiasts, Miners, Developers, and Investors. 31 62 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other news ethereum education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels


All things woodcoin 17 58 community channels currency channels other education tools mining official channels


Earn with masternodes - masternode hosting service discussion and support group 2 53 community channels other tools official channels

TOPA Chain

TOPA is the chain that brings all toilet coins together and allows for trading between them. We are cleaning up the blockchain industry, one-ply square at a time. After launch, TOPA will have an integrated Discord Coin Exchange that allows you to trade coins between platforms and even between Discord servers. There will be airdrops and rain in the Discord server that will not only provide free coins to the community but also will disintegrate (burn) TOPA on each rain. This will lower the supply of TOPA and make each square more valuable. 9 46 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges bots games tools official channels


An open source, domain storage backup system 2 36 airdrops community channels currency channels ico official channels

Crypto Chat Australia

Crypto Chat is a community for Australian Crypto enthusiasts. Our aim is to foster quality discussions and networking opportunities within Australia. 1 34 community channels currency channels news ethereum education official channels

The Crypto Marketplace

This is a crypto mining marketplace for everyone to buy and sell hardware with trusted escrow users from bitcointalk other popular communities. 3 30 currency channels exchanges other mining official channels

Trading Radar

This group is free giving great TA from professionals. Come in and share your Technical Analysis. 100% Free! There are also custom trading indicators that the software developers have made which you can use all for free. 10 27 community channels currency channels exchanges other news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator official channels

Великая армия задротов

uPlexa coin aims to incentivize the mass computing power of IoT devices to form a means of anonymous blockchain payments 6 13 community channels currency channels mining official channels


WTIP is currently running a ICO starting price 1000 WTIP for 50 waves on the waves.exchange WTIP will host a annual gaming competition and have waves leased out to nodes on the waves.exchange is a buy 35% to 75% of profits buy back program and burn 10% to reduce the supply over time, with competition prize pools split in half, half in pounds and half in WTIP. 2 6 currency channels ico official channels


Mushroom is the easiest, cheapest and smartest way for anyone to earn crypto from Defi farming by harnessing the power of social media. 3 5 airdrops community channels currency channels ico official channels

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