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Last updated Sunday February 17, 2019

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Brand new coin and exchange, coming soon. Fanatic new project to get excited about! 31 89 community channels currency channels exchanges

The Crypto Moon

"The Crypto Moon is a team of experienced traders and analysts; some work as technical analysts, others just have impressive trade histories, portfolios and calls. We have seen how volatile and difficult the market can be at times, and are here to offer advice, discussion and healthy pumps." 3 87

Easy Investing

A crypto currency trading group were people can learn together and follow technical analysis from our experienced staff. 11 86

Trade Like a Boss

Not a paid group, pump and dump group not selling courses and most important not financial advice. 15 77


Stormium is a Cryptocurrency predictions/signal Discord group with one of the most accurate predictions and signals out there. Free signals are given out once or twice every week!Stormium is a Cryptocurrency predictions/signal Discord group with one of the most accurate predictions and signals out t 15 77


A discord where u can do group calls and hand with friends and meet new Friends also listen to music 26 70 community channels


A Crypto ICO pool - we collect funds to participate in ICO pre-sales with discounts. 3 70


The RaidParty server, talk games and crypto. Also learn more about RaidParty and how you as a gamer can earn real world rewards! 14 65


Cyber Lion provides curated industry news, trade signals - free and premium, and valuable reports on cryptocurrency projects. 18 59 community channels exchanges other news education signals / indicator official channels

Dragon Pump - Crypto Pump and Dump

"We aim to be one of the biggest Crypto Pump and Dump Server worldwide. Our Idea: Fair Pump and Dump for our Member." 2 57


We present you our multi mining pool that is based on yiimp and designed for ASIC miners. 5 54

Crypto Talk

Crypto Talk - A chill place to talk anything crypto! 21 54 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Bitmex & Binance Traders

BitMEX Traders - free signals - community chatroom for bitmex traders 20 53 community channels

Youtube crew

We discuss about youtube and we also are teachinig others how to create a youtube acount. 10 49 community channels

crypto and gaming

this is a friendly discord server for nice people 8 48

CrayCoin Community

CrayCoin is expanding on the idea of retail crypto spending! We incorporate our 50,000+ retail connections into the world of Crypto. PRE-ICO 11 47


Official Discord for the KawaiiCrypto website 8 46 games

Konerale Market

A marketplace for minecraft and other games. 16 45


A server, which is slipping into the socks at the moment, about all hot games&news&fun&cryptocurrencies! Join us to get that truck rolling! 6 41

Cardboard Kings

Join our server if you love gaming or technology. We have active discussions about games(video and board games), computers, cryptocurrency. We also offer some great bots like Pokécord and BoxBot to add some fun! 13 41

Moto's Discord

Moto's discord is for programmers, gamers, computer enthusiasts and cyrpto currency enthusiasts 19 36

HypeSquad The Bot

A bot support server that giveaway alot of stuffs. Join our giveaway today! 10 34

Coin Skyline

airdrops,community channels,currency channels,BTC,cryptocurrency,ETH,game,gaming,dapp,exchange,talk,news,ethereum,mining 4 34 airdrops community channels currency channels

Interstallerpump 1

Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Group. Anti bot software, 2x Weekly FFA buy ins (no time advantage) Daily raffle winners (7 second buy in adv.) weekly raffle winners (7 sec buy in adv + .1 eth) Monthly raffle winner (7 sec. buy in adv on 3 pumps +.15 eth) WILL NOT PUMP UNTIL 1k members 4 31

New Altcoin Club

A group where our Admins hand pick new coins in that they believe have potential for success. The goal is to avoid scammy coins, find and discuss new promising projects. 22 30 airdrops community channels currency channels other news education mining

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