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Last updated Thursday February 27, 2020

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Play Games and Earn Money Everyday! 26 538

Information Technology

Do you love talking about technology? This is the community for you! 84 526


HTMLcoin is a cryptocurrency with a secure blockchain based on Bitcoin Core that integrates Ethereum-based smart contracts. 24 508 airdrops community channels currency channels ico ethereum official channels


EXRT Distribution #3 Application Is Open! 26 498


Cryptopro400 62 482 community channels exchanges ico signals / indicator


EX24.IO is a Centralized & decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform custom built but also built on top of bitshares 2.0 which aims to provide traders with a secure and easy way to buy and sell alt coins but also featured crypto currencies online instantly. EXCoin(EXE) is a private and anonymous crypto currency which is officially issued by EX24.IO. EXE uses hybrid POW/PoS+Masternode consensus to secure its blockchain and provides coin holders with full-time private and instant transactions by implementing swiftx and zerocoin protocol. Paying for the listing fees and trading fees in EX24.IO is the main use-case of EXcoin. 81 479 airdrops exchanges ico mining

Frostbyte Coin

We are on the beginning stages of making the not only the most stable coin available, but the most universal also! 45 476 airdrops community channels currency channels bots mining official channels


Perodium world first cryptocurrency that support Tron Dapps / Games. 8 474 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

seems legit

Cryptocurrency community based around technical analysis, custom crypto scanners, mining, and crypto education with a sense of community. 63 466

HOdlcoin Community

HOdlcoin - an altcoin for everyone. 57 462

Empower Network -

Empower Network Domestic Violence Awareness 141 450 airdrops community channels currency channels other news bots games official channels

Chill Paradise

A growing and friendly community with a gaming aspect, just chill and listen to music or chat with new people! 52 440


Decentralized Adult Marketplace - Masternodes - SHA256 - Affiliate Program. Buy and Sell Sexual-related Products and Services with Anyone Worldwide, on the Pornpoint Decentralized Marketplace Platform. 40 435 official channels


Plutus aims to enable users to seamlessly convert their crypto to fiat and be able to spend their funds at any brick and mortar store worldwide 56 425 community channels exchanges news education official channels


public discord for Cryptographic Triangles.. come and chat about TRI and other digital currencies like Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum and many others! we also are gamers who stream! come check us out! come idle! 34 421


The MOST Active Crypto-Currency Discord Server. We have giveaways, expert daily TA, price alerts, and, most importantly, a place to discuss the adoption of Bitcoin and other currencies. 140 403 community channels currency channels exchanges ethereum bots education signals / indicator

Wolves of Crypto

crypto trading, binance and bitmex signals, mining, discuss, charting, and courses all available here at this very welcoming community. join now you will not regret it. 107 401 community channels


Day Traders - Focuses on Fundamental & Technical Analysis. Free Chat Room to talk stocks 100 396

Bull Run Crypto

Signals, Gun Bot, & Anything crypto related! 80 393 official channels


Ethereum Smart Contract Game 51 392 currency channels other ethereum games


A server centered around serious cryptocurrency discussion, with a focus on Ethereum. 79 390

Bata Cryptocurrency

Official Bata Cryptocurrency Group 41 387 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico news ethereum education tools mining official channels

Eazy Community Node

Our vision is to create a Mastertool solving all Masternode investors biggest problems when managing their portfolio- moving funds and setting up Masternodes to maximize their passive income. 72 384 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico bots mining official channels

Gentlemen Coin

Crypto Currency for true Gentlemen only 38 374


Official Discord BLOC.MONEY. The world most advanced crypto currency ever created ready for mass adoption 85 372 community channels currency channels other news mining official channels

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