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Last updated Wednesday October 16, 2019

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HOdlcoin Community

HOdlcoin - an altcoin for everyone. 52 443


Decentralized Adult Marketplace - Masternodes - SHA256 - Affiliate Program. Buy and Sell Sexual-related Products and Services with Anyone Worldwide, on the Pornpoint Decentralized Marketplace Platform. 40 435 official channels


public discord for Cryptographic Triangles.. come and chat about TRI and other digital currencies like Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum and many others! we also are gamers who stream! come check us out! come idle! 26 435


Cannabis Farming & Ethereum Crypto-Collectibles Game 100 428 ethereum games official channels

Bull Run Crypto

Signals, Gun Bot, & Anything crypto related! 73 417 official channels

Wolves of Crypto

crypto trading, binance and bitmex signals, mining, discuss, charting, and courses all available here at this very welcoming community. join now you will not regret it. 107 401 community channels


Day Traders - Focuses on Fundamental & Technical Analysis. Free Chat Room to talk stocks 100 396

Bata Cryptocurrency

Official Bata Cryptocurrency Group 37 384 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico news ethereum education tools mining official channels

🎃 Chill Paradise 🎃

A growing and friendly community with a gaming aspect, just chill and listen to music or chat with new people! 47 375

Gentlemen Coin

Crypto Currency for true Gentlemen only 38 374

Crypto Eye

#1 Free Crypto Trading Community - come and say hi! 22 369

👻Neeko Community🎅

"The official discord server of Snowball, a bot whith so many features like audio commands, fun commands, moderation tools, info commands(for cryptocurencyes like bitcoin, monero) and many more. Join today. https://discord.gg/JPe9Kj3" 81 362


Make Ownership Into Art 30 338 community channels other ethereum official channels

Osiris Public

Automatic trading 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! Forget about human mistakes and learn about our crypto trading algorithm! 71 330 currency channels exchanges bots tools signals / indicator official channels

Arbitraging Trading

Arbitraging Trading Discord Server 28 329 education

Liberland Official

The official discord for the newly established country of Liberland. Join us to talk freedom, crypto, and more. PS: Our ICO issuing Liberland Merits (LLM) is scheduled to take place in Q4, 2018. 60 329

AGORA Platform

AGORA Platform is decentralized blockchain. AGORA ecosystem, based on PoS and stable coins, consists of marketplace (developed on B2B rules), multi-currency wallet, currency exchange and opportunities for atomic swaps. 44 319 airdrops currency channels official channels


Cryptocurrency advice, news, picks, and group pumps for the you and the community to cash in on! 22 318


EXRT Distribution #3 Application Is Open! 22 314


Betting platform based on the 0x and Auger protocols 15 281 official channels


Masternode shared Service 44 280 mining

Enjin Coin

Enjin's Official Discord server | ENJIN NETWORK & ENJ CRYPTO | For: Investors / Developers / Gamers 21 276

CryptoVerse Promotions

The server that let you earn Doge by Chatting and Playing game by Leveling up 5 level/10 doge 77 272 airdrops community channels bots games official channels

Lake Vitae Club

Vitae! Empowering you to a new life! Developed with a purpose to change the world and bring freedom back to you! Providing a NEW AGE social rewards network to give opportunity for financial freedom. 50 267 airdrops community channels bots tools official channels


Signals Share Trades TA and much more 51 263 community channels currency channels exchanges news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator official channels

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